An article by Dana Ganihar published in the Folio, volume 23, number 1: Focusing, Research and contemporary Science.

I once was on my way to become “a unit-model scientist,” a concept used by Gendlin to describe a person operating in the current scientific world-view. One of the features of unit-model science is explaining reality as being made out of separate units. I wanted to be a scientist as long as I remember myself. But after my Master’s degree in Neuroethology, I couldn’t continue. I felt that I’d been cut off from something alive in me . . . the scientific world view made me feel as though I were living in a machine-like, meaningless universe. I left science, convinced I’d never come back.

Seventeen years later, in a Focusing session, I got a felt sense that my whole body was becoming a DNA helix. I listened to the information which was encoded by this particular DNA, and what came, surprisingly and whole, was a message to go back to science and try to be a process-model scientist. That session was like a quantum leap that changed my life direction completely.

This article is an opportunity to reflect upon the six months since I started my journey as I felt sensed my way back to science. I hope that in subsequent articles I will write about Focusing with the scientific research itself.

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