Skills of prayer

We would like to invite you to practices and small steps of care-fully opening up the ‘field of prayers’.

In this workshop we will practice Focusing-like micro-movements while entering the depths; We will sense into subtleties of request and intention;  discover our own inner movements of prayer, the richness of the pause , prayer ‘without content’, and more.

We will work with the wisdom of ancient religious texts; passages from the philosophy of Gendlin and other transformative writers. We will be curious, kind and gentle with the sensitivity to  the unknown. 

In the Art of Prayer we use Focusing in a wider framework of traditions, to rediscover basic spiritual attitudes, and open them to our own experiential meanings. We will experiment with different kinds of prayer, tools and methods that can support us in developing the art of praying

Our work fosters the possibility of opening us up to the wisdom active in various traditions, in new philosophies, in ancient stories… without constraining ourselves to only one of them. It is a way that opens the possibility of making significant life movements within each web/approach/ wisdom with its internal consistency, without the need to suppress the other. It’s designing new combinations between approaches and thus releasing attachment to any one content by opening a new understanding in another content.

Dana: How do you know its prayer?

Baruch: I feel it’s a prayer…. because I feel life. I feel the holy thing that is life, beyond patterns and words, in all it’s complexity, no differences between me and it. And I feel that all my senses, everything becomes so clear, clean, so sharp, like pure water. 

Details:Starting this Sunday, 5.4.20, 11am- 1pm central European time.Next dates: Saturday, 11.4.20, 20:00pm, Sunday: 19.4;26.4;3.5;10.5;17.5;Fees: Pay-what-you-can. The suggested payment for the each class: $30

To register and further details,  please write to Baruch-| Dana-

Dana Ganihar and Baruch Brenner are the creators of Shakio: An Aramaic word meaning ‘the flow of life’ . Shakio  is an environment for research and learning of what is implicit in humanity and its creative movement, in the spirit of the philosopher Eugene Gendlin, the creator of ‘Focusing’.

Shakio creates a new syntax from three languages, that seek the “more”: Jewish mysticism , the philosophy of Gendlin, and the art of performance – movement, voice and imagination.
Within the space of Shakio, Baruch and Dana teach IBF- Instancing Based Focusing , Skills of prayer and the ‘Art of Appearance’.

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